Collecting History

Gatling Gun, Baker's Battery - 1905

"Historical artifacts physically manifest the dreams and ideas, the great deeds and events, of human history. 

They symbolize the glorious triumphs of human endeavor, its humiliating defeats, and just about everything in between.

Steeped in legend, artifacts forge an indelible link with the past.

Nothing quite approaches the thrill of coming face-to-face in the present with an object associated with a famous person or time from the past.

Some artifacts signify gallant and heroic deeds.  Others are instruments of evil or the focal points of sacred or bizarre occurrences.

Each has a story to tell, whether an epic chapter or a footnote.  Such artifacts open a window on the past, helping us to understand our heritage and ultimately ourselves."

World War I postcard - German U-boat sinking a British commercial steamer


Gatling Gun, Baker's Battery - 1905

As an avid historian, I collect artifacts associated with World Wars I and II, Imperial and Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, and the general field of Notoriety.

My interests include books, photographs, medals, insignia, flags, steins, uniform items, documents and weaponry.

Some of these periods represent the darker side of mankind, with "good versus evil" clearly defined, and larger-than-life heroes and villains.

In other periods (such as World War I) the boundaries are blurred and men fought and died, not always for a clearly defined cause, but because it was their duty.

Please Note:

Nothing on this site is intended to offend.

This is an historical collection, NOT a political statement.

Nothing on this site is intended to glorify any personality or regime.

I DO NOT advocate war, racism, hatred, bigotry, segregation, National Socialism, the Holocaust, or genocide.


Medal Group for Karl Alfred Dornbusch - World War I and World War II veteran

"There never was a good war or a bad peace." - Benjamin Franklin

World War I postcard - Ulanen cavalry troops fire at an enemy biplane

World War I postcard - German Crown Prince awarding Iron Crosses


The United States

The United States Destroyer USS MacKenzie (DD-614) in WW II 

Raising the first US flag on Mt. Suribachi, Iwo Jima - 23 February, 1945

1889 Independent Order of Good Templars Commission

The Admiralty Head lighthouse - Fort Casey, WA


The WWII U-Boat U-182

The Nazi Ostarbeiter (Eastern Worker) Program

The Golden Party Badge of the NSDAP

The Reinhard Heydrich "Death Mask" Stamp

The song of WW II - "Lili Marlene"

Signed photograph of Waffen-SS General Otto Kumm

Soviet / Russian

NKVD Black ID Book for a WW II Soviet Gulag (labor camp) officer 

Medal for Service at the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster

Russian Medal for Action in the Chechnya Civil War


The Sinking of the Estrellano by U-37 - A Survivor's Story 

Many historical artifacts are disappearing due to neglect or abuse.

I will help by providing advice, assistance, or possibly buying the item and giving it a good home.


Thank you for visiting this site.