The Dungaree Navy has often been cussed
By Battleship sailors, who always get fussed
Whenever they see a Destroyer go by
And pass on ahead, leaving smoke in the sky.

But soldiers who journeyed abroad in the war
Were tickled to death when a grey shadow tore
Up out of nowhere and circled around,
Protecting the convoy like a seagoing hound.

And on the Destroyer, each Gob at his post,
Watched fiercely for U-Boats that threatened the host---
Their depth bombs all ready and guns ready too!
'Twas then the khaki respected the blue!

And Lord! How those little Destroyers would roll!
They'd stand on their sides like an up-ended bowl!
They'd plunge into seas and you'd think they were gone...
They'd tremble all over and then plummet on!

To Battleship sailors each cruise was a treat,
Compared to the lads of the Dungaree Fleet,
And if you should doubt it, just question, old Hoss,
Most any fine Doughboy who journeyed across!
(provided by crewmate Bill Shew)

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