NEWPORT NEWS' final full year of service began with the ship moored in its homeport, Norfolk VA. Commanding Officer was Captain R.T. Kelly; Executive Officer Commander R.R. Briner.


MAY 1974

NEWPORT NEWS refueled from the USS SEATTLE on the morning of the 2nd, also highlining an ET aboard the oiler.

General Quarters was held the 4th during the early evening.

On 6 May the ship took part in a SINKEX of the ex-USS MACKENZIE (DD 614). NEWPORT NEWS' 5-inch battery scored three direct hits on the tin can, and had many near misses.

Engineering casualty control drills were held the 7th, NEWPORT NEWS returned to Pier 7 Norfolk on the 8th at 0821.

On 14 May the ship was underway for Exercise ALOUD UNIFORM, a communications exercise and preparatory operation for SOLID SHIELD 74.

On the 15th the ship anchored in Onslow Bay, NC, and General Quarters was held during the afternoon.

On the 16th NEWPORT NEWS weighed anchor and was underway for Norfolk, arriving the 17th at 0856 at Pier 7.

On the 27th the ship was again underway for Onslow Bay, holding a General Quarters drill from 1530-1612.

NEWPORT NEWS anchored in the bay from 0709 to 1855 the 18th for "D" Day rehearsal; spending the remainder of the day cruising the coastline.

On 30 May the ship returned to Onslow Bay, anchoring at 2117.

"H" Day, 31 May, saw a visit by Commander-in-Chief Atlantic Admiral Ralph W. Cousins from 1101-1300. Also visiting the Joint Task Force 122 flagship was Jack L. Bowers, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Logistics and Installations.

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