Ernst Hillebrand's

Death Card

As is the tradition in many countries, a death card is printed and usually distributed at a memorial service, and kept as a memento by family and friends.  

Death cards from World War II are quite collectible.

I was contacted by Eef Peerdeman who happened to possess a death card for U-182's Obersteuermann (Chief Helmsman) Ernst Hillebrand.

The Obersteuermann was essentially the Chief Navigator, the Chief of the Boat.

Here are the images as provided by Mr. Peerdeman.  I have also provided English translations for ease of reading.

English Translation

And, as shown on the U-182 main page, Hillebrand is on the far right in this photgraph presumably taken at the commissioning of the U-182.

From left to right:

1. Obermaschinenmaat Erwin Fenzel, born 22 April 1915
2. Obermaschinist Fritz Reichle, born 23 August 1914. (click here to read more about Obermaschinist Fritz Reichle)
3. Obermaschinenmaat Wilhelm Brunner, born 8 August 1914
4. Kapitšnleutnant und Kommandant Asmus Nikolai Clausen, born 2 June 1911
5. Funkmaat Kurt Behrendts, born 8 July 1915
6. Obermaschinist Franz Dietl, born 9 September 1916
7. Obersteuermann Ernst Hillebrand, born 11 January 1911

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