The Golden Party Badge of the NSDAP

(Goldenes Parteiabzeichen)

The mark of a so-called "true patriot," the Golden Party Badge of the NSDAP distinguished the wearer as a pioneer of the National Socialist German Worker's Party, the Nazi Party.

Anyone who has seen the movie "Schindler's List" will remember the importance that Oskar Schindler placed on this badge, and the "goodwill" he was afforded by wearing it. In the Third Reich this badge elevated one to the level of royalty.

On 13 October 1933, Hitler decreed that all persons with uninterrupted service in the Party since 27 February 1925, and who held Party membership numbers 1 to 100,000 would be awarded the newly instituted Golden Party Badge on 9 November 1933.

This date is significant as it was the 8th anniversary of the failed attempt to overthrow the government, the Munich "Beer Hall Putsch," a national holiday under Hitler's reign.

There were some restrictions that contributed to the rarity and significance of this award. Of the 100,000 persons who might have been qualified, the restrictions of active and unbroken membership reduced the number of awards to 22,282: 20,487 men and 1,795 women.

The badge was identical to the basic NSDAP membership pin, with the addition of a ring of gold oakleaves surrounding it. The Party number of the recipient was stamped on the reverse.

The badge came in two sizes: a 30.5 mm badge (above) was worn on the military or political uniform, while a smaller 25 mm version was worn with civilian clothes.

Regulations prescribed that the large badge be worn on the left tunic breast pocket, next to or above the Iron Cross 1st Class. If worn on the tie, it must be in line with the buttons of the two breast pockets. The smaller version was worn on the civilian tie or lapel.

Even Hitler, a man who generally avoided the extravagance possible with a man of his rank, wore this badge as one of three that he wore consistently. The other two were the 1914 Wound Badge 3rd class and the 1914 Iron Cross 1st class.

The depicted example carries Party number 68393. This number belonged to an Adam Klinger, who resided in the small town of Kirchbrombach.

Klinger entered the party on 6 October 1927.

This information is taken from a period publication entitled Die Trager Des Goldenen Ehrenzeichens Der NSDAP Im Gau Hessen-Nassau.

Due to the wear on the front of this badge Klinger apparently wore it on his uniform daily.

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30.5 mm (left) and 25 mm (right)

Note: These two pins are not in my possession.

Some text courtesy of LTC (Retired) John R. Angolia.

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