Adam Klinger

Golden Party Badge Recipient

As explained on the previous page, Party number 68,393 belonged to Adam Klinger who resided in the small town of Kirchbrombach.

Klinger joined the Party on 6 October 1927.

Here is his Party Record Card

NSDAP Party Record Card - 68393

which translates as:

NSDAP Party Record Card - 68393 - translated

Klinger was an Ortsgruppenleiter (Local Group Leader) and was eventually promoted to Kreisamtsleiter für Kommunalpolitik (District Department Leader for Municipal Politics) - a salaried position within the Party.

Here is a cover letter on Party letterhead in which his personal data was transmitted shortly after his promotion to District Department Leader.

Klinger correspondence

which translates as:

Klinger correspondence - translation

This questionnaire was the "attachment" referred to in the above correspondence.

The questionnaire was completed for evaluation as a

candidate for the higher position job at Kreis (District) level.

which translates as:


1.) Province: Hessen-Nassau
2.) District: Odenwald
3.) Name: Klinger Christian Name: Adam
4.) Hometown: Kirch-Brombach i. Odw. Street Nr:
5.) Born on: 13 May 1903 in: Langen-Brombach District: Erbach
6.) Present Occupation: Local Group Leader of Kirch-Brombach
7.) Member of the NSDAP since: 6-10-1927 Party Nr: 68393
8.) Present Party Function: Local Group Leader
9.) How to Reach at home by telephone?
10.) Telephone call at Work:

In 1944, Klinger's Golden Party Badge (probably the 25 mm badge) was found on a commuter train in Breslau-Kassel.

It was forwarded by the Wetzlar District Leadership (Province of Hessen-Nassau)

to Party headquarters in Munich.

The following letter accompanied the badge to Munich.

Found badge correspondence

which translates as:

Found badge correspondence - translation

The Party Badge was eventually returned to Klinger's Province, Hessen-Nassau,

along with this cover letter from the Munich office.

Returning badge correspondence

which translates as:

Returning badge correspondence - translation

The material above is from the Party Records Section of the Berlin Document Center Archives.

These records were copied by the US,

and then the originals were returned to the German Government.

The originals are now in the possession of the German government,

and will remain a part of their permanent National Archives.

Thanks to Joseph Wotka for providing the original copies

and a written translation of these documents,

which allowed me to produce the facsimiles.

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