Polish Ostarbeiter Helena Kucowna

Helena Kucowna was a Polish girl who was 19 years old at the time she was conscripted.

Her file includes the following documents:

A file sheet entitled, "Zivilarbeiter (in) polnischen Volkstums." 

It contains Helena's photo, tied with Burgermeister eagle/swastika stamps (local mayor acting as the police authority) in Linnich, and personal information for the 19 year old Polish Ostarbeiterrinen.

A Police Abmeldung. 

A file page showing that she reported to the police as an "einwanderer" (immigrant) in 1942. It is signed by her employer.

A residency report in Polish and German.

The document is two pages and contains personal information and her "mark" (three X's), as she apparently could not write.

It is certified by the Stadtsekretär (City Clerk).

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(Translation courtesy of Bill Bradley)